Jungle Royale


May 1, 2008

DjDebaser.com has arrived!
The legendary junglist has spent the last 5 years Djing heavily across the globe. From the US and Canada to Europe, the Mid-East and Russia, Debasers sound is worldwide! Keep up to date with his newest productions, projects and upcoming events. You can also travel back to the late 90s when his sound was first being born with some unheard 10-year-old dubplates and discography complete with downloads for all releases! Add yourself to the mailing list to be the first to know about his upcoming releases and brand new dubplates.


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Jungle Royale 005 & 006
Debasers own imprint Jungle Royale Music is back after a 2-year hiatus with 2 huge releases. Jungle Royale 005 is the long awaited and much played Salute the Don Remixes featuring the classic Johnny Osbourne tune remixed by Debaser and Marcus Visionary.

Jungle Royale 006 is Willi Williams classic song Armagideon Time remixed in Debasers two distinct styles, the first is an old school styled mashup tune, and the flipside is a rolling reggae/jungle hybrid version.


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Press Up 005
Press Up is back with another big 4 tracker! One side features two original tunes by Norway’s resident badboy Deportee. His two tunes are Ashes to Ashes and Gun Talk. The flip side has the Debaser remixes. Check out the discography section to listen!



Soundtest 002
Debaser and Tester back to back once again for Soundtest Records second release. Soundboy Gone features original vocals from the up and coming star Higha Seeka.