Debaser XLR8R

Debaser has been a formidable force in Ragga-Jungle since the year 2000 when his dubplates first began being heard on bassbins across North America. In 2001 he started his first imprint Press Up Records, and then New Lick Records releasing the now classic tunes My Sound Rule, Pitch Black, Bazooka and Clash Night among others. Both Press Up & New Lick were very heavily old school influenced labels, with an emphasis on mashed up drumwork and old school stylings. After his first set of releases were on record store shelves in North America & Europe he began Djing regularly across North America, displaying his dubplates and rare selections from his vast old school ragga-jungle collection.

In 2004 his third label, Jungle Royale was born. His productions and vision for the label was quite different than that of Press Up & New Lick. Contrasting with the old school broken amens and guntalk vocals of Press Up, Jungle Royale focused on the sweeter side of reggae. Light, layered breaks, reggae basslines and instrumentation were the sound of his new label. Another element that Debaser brought to the table with Jungle Royale was to eliminate the sampled vocals that was typical with ragga-jungle. Debaser saw a need to legitimize the music and in order to do this, producers needed to start clearing their music. This opens up alot of doors for ragga-jungle to enter the world of legitimate music and in turn increase its listener base. With Jungle Royale being one of the very few, if not the first to take this step, it led to the ability to license two releases, 4 The Children and A1 Sound to the Pandisc album Intune Ragga Sessions, available at retailers worldwide.

In 2005 Debaser alongside U-Ome of X-13 Recordings began a European tour, including dates in the UK, Germany, Poland, Belgium, France and many others. Since then, he has been on a variety of tours with Tester which include the whole of Europe, the Mid-East and Russia. Over the last 5 years Debaser has earned the title of one of the most far reaching and talented DJs in jungle music, and during that time has spent a combined total of over a year on the road!

Debaser is currently setting up a North American and another overseas tour for 2008/2009, and has a grip of new releases ready to drop including Jungle Royale 005, 006, Press Up Records 005 & 006, Soundtest 002 and others!